Are you Prepared for Snow Removal in Michiana This Winter?

When the cold weather hits, it hits fast and hard. Are you prepared for snow removal Michiana this winter? The key to not being left stranded out in the cold is to have a company on board to ensure that snow removal isn’t a problem. A snow risk management service will ensure that you have a snow contractor on call 24/7, and one who is available for your needs, when you need it most. Our team of responsive professionals is quick and ready to meet any challenge that winter can throw at them. From snow plowing to shoveling sidewalks, we ensure that your business runs smoothly no matter what the weather is doing outside. Our mission is to keep your customers, your employees, and your business safe throughout the toughest days of Indiana’s winters.

Above & Beyond Snow Management Plan

Sidewalk Cleaning

The key to minimizing the risk of slip and fall injuries is keeping sidewalks and walkways clear of ice and slick conditions. Our snow management plan ensures that your sidewalks and pedestrian walkways are clear and safe. Not only do we schedule to clean up after a storm, we schedule return visits to manage storm activity. And we also watch for freezing and thawing conditions that can lead to dangerous conditions.

Ice Control

Our snow removal plan includes stockpiling bulk salt throughout the winter and replenishing it as needed. Our expansive salt truck service will ensure that you always have enough salt on hand to take care of ice. We record the amounts applied and the times used so that we can protect you from property liability claims stemming from slip and fall injuries. When rock salt is not an option due to concrete, landscaping, or asphalt damage, we offer an Eco-Salt alternative that is highly safe and effective. It is an excellent tool for parking lots, grass and landscaping, sidewalks, and it is pet-safe.

Snow Stacking

When a major storm hits, finding space to deposit snow accumulation can be difficult. But letting it pile can create a dangerous situation for drivers and pedestrians. When possible, we help to remove snow that has been “stacked” or piled to clear traffic lanes and parking spaces. Our team of snow management professionals has a plan to tackle whatever hurdles a snowstorm can create. They are armed with loaders and the right equipment to make your snow problem no problem!

Snow Hauling

There are times when a stacking service is not enough, and the snow has to be removed to make things safe. Our snow hauling service provider fleet of dump trucks and loaders work together to move snow with ease. We work quickly to get things cleared and your business back to business as usual. Our mission is to provide an entire snow management plan, so things are in place. And we always have a plan to make your winter as easy as possible from start to finish.

To keep your storefront, parking lots, and sidewalks safe for employees and customers alike, contact us today. At Above and Beyond, we can devise a complete snow removal Michiana plan to tackle whatever winter can throw your way.

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