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Don’t forget to take care of your trees with professional tree service South Bend trusts.

Searching for “tree service South Bend”? Look no further! Your home’s landscaping adds incredible value and curb appeal to your property. Trees add beauty and elegance to a home, and can make a significant difference. With that said, if they are not maintained regularly, there can be all kinds of problems as a result. This can also create a safety hazard for you and your family, as well as cause damage to your property.

Trimming your trees and having them inspected is highly recommended, especially if the trees are located near your property or around the power poles. Letting your trees grow haphazardly without maintenance is a mistake and you should consider tree service in South Bend.

We have listed a few benefits of tree service below.

Promotes Tree Health

With the wayward growth of your trees, you should plan on pruning them regularly, as it can increase the life your trees by removing the weak, dead or insect-infested limbs before they seriously affect the tree.

Pruning it regularly will also enhance the appearance of the trees while giving an appealing look to your property. Removing extra limbs from the trees can increase the growth of flowers, leaves, and fruits.

Protects Your Home and Property

During winter, snowstorms can cause damage to your property. Hanging branches of trees might break with heavy snowfall or strong wind. Limbs hanging over your home could break and crash through your roof. This could damage your shingles, which may in turn cause roof leaks.

You might be at risk of power loss if trees that are not trimmed grow into the power lines. With frequent maintenance of trees, it can increase the look and value of your property and also increase the safety of your family.


The benefit of hiring a professional tree service in South Bend is that they have all the necessary tools and machinery that can help you to remove the unwanted trees or trim the hanging branches over your house. The contractors are well-trained and experienced with using the equipment, and can quickly and efficiently beautify your property.

Why hire Above & Beyond Tree Service?

The right tree service in South Bend will prune your trees in such a way that it will look & stay healthy. Taking care of your trees will promote healthy growth and keep your property looking great and hazard free. We will also remove dead limbs and let you know if any trees should be removed before they cause issues.

If you have any questions regarding your trees, or would like to schedule a consultation, call us at (574) 334-0521 to place a request for inspection.

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