How Healthy Are Your Trees – Should You Risk Not Removing With Snow and Ice Looming?

Trees are a part of your natural landscaping and can really add aesthetic appeal to your home. But although they can be somewhat self-sufficient, there are times when they need a little help to maintain their health. Other times, it is not possible to save a tree that is damaged or is infected, and it is necessary to remove it. If you are unsure whether your tree will make it through the long, harsh winter ahead, it might be necessary for you to find tree removal companies in South Bend who can help.

Trees Can be Dangerous

Trees are beautiful to look at, but they can also be highly dangerous if they aren’t in good health. If you aren’t sure if your tree will make it through the long winter full of ice and snow, you might be putting yourself, or your house, in danger by not removing it. When trees are already not stable, the added weight of ice and snow can be the catalyst for them to fall. And you don’t want to endanger your home or yourself if you can prevent it by taking down the tree ahead of time.

Overhanging Branches Can Pose a Danger

There are times when a tree doesn’t have to come down fully, but it does need to be trimmed. A tree that has hanging branches is more prone to break under the weight of ice and snow. Or, if your tree is heavier on one side, it is best to trim it for equilibrium so that the in-climate weather will not lead to losing a branch or limb that can fall and hurt your property or house.

Preventing the Spread of Disease

If your tree has diseased parts, it is best to address them immediately to prevent the disease from spreading. Although a tree sits dormant during the long winter months, the disease or fungus will not. If you notice that your tree is showing any signs of illness, it is critical to take the preemptive step to remove the parts before the illness can spread and cause more damage leading to losing the tree entirely.

Removing a Tree That Isn’t Growing Properly

Sometimes trees just aren’t fit enough to make it through another season. If your tree isn’t growing properly, or parts of it are dying, then it is best to take out the tree instead of waiting through the winter. It might be an expense to take out a tree, but having one fall and cause damage is always going to cost more than taking preventative measures.

With fall in the air, leaves are beginning to fall, and now is an excellent time to evaluate the health of your trees to decide if they are healthy enough to make it another winter season. If you have concerns about either overhanging branches or a tree that doesn’t look very healthy, then it is better to be proactive to trim or take it out than to risk the damage that a falling tree can cause.

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