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Who to Call for Storm Damage in South Bend, IN

Spring is in full swing and in South Bend that means one thing, storms! A big storm can do a whole lot of damage. And when it comes to clean up, if you have a tree down, that can be a bit overwhelming! You want to call someone that you can trust, someone who will be responsive to your crisis, and someone who won’t charge a fortune. Look for these signs to find the right company to handle your storm damage South Bend, IN issues!

They Have the Experience

Although tree removal might seem like a simple thing, it is anything but. Removing large trees and bushes takes not just a lot of work, but a whole lot of experience. It isn’t just about the weight of the tree itself, there are times when technicians need to troubleshoot to find the safest way to remove trees and bushes and to do so without causing more harm. Experience really matters when you are talking about dealing with the dangerous nature of tree removal.

They Have an Excellent Reputation

You can find someone to clean up storm damage on the exterior of your home by simply Googling. But that should just be the first step. Before you hire anyone to clean up after a tumultuous storm, it is imperative to look a little further. Check out online reviews and ratings. Not only are people happy to tell you of their great experience, they also like to tell you of their not so great. So, you can not only rule companies in, but you can rule them out as well.

They Put it in Writing

Before you hire anyone to clean up after storm damage, it is critical to get a quote in writing. If you don’t have a total cost, then you can be left paying a whole lot more than you thought. And when given an estimate, make sure that you look it over well to spot any hidden fees or charges that you might not have been told of. Nothing is worse than expecting one price only to be socked with a much higher one after the work is already done.

Don’t Go by Price Alone

Although price is going to be a factor in finding the right storm damage South Bend, IN company, it shouldn’t be the deciding one. Often, when you pay for a cheap service, you end up getting what you paid for. And that might end up costing you a whole lot more in the end if the repair is not done correctly. If your storm damage isn’t taken care of in the right way, it might end up costing you way more! So, consider cost, but don’t hire on it alone.

After a long, cold winter and with spring storms on their way, it is critical to not only to clean up after damaging storms, but also to have your home evaluated to make sure that you aren’t predisposing yourself to damage due to dying limbs or an unstable tree. Make sure to hire a well experienced company who knows not just how to clean up after a storm, but one who knows how to prevent a storm from causing extensive damage to your home. At Above and Beyond Trees, we have expertly trained technicians who know how to both repair and evaluate your landscaping to head up damage.Contact us today for an evaluation of your home’s exterior.

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