Why you Need a Snow and Ice Management Plan in Michiana

As the cold weather returns to Michiana, now is the time to consider a snow management plan to keep things running smoothly throughout the long winter months. The best way to tackle snowy conditions this winter, and to keep your doors of operation open and running in good weather and bad, is to have a snow management plan in place. Don’t wait until the last minute to have an actionable plan and risk being snowed in. Or, even worse, don’t wait until having dangerous conditions that will increase your liability risk.

If you don’t act now and wait for the snow and ice to fall, then you run the risk of:

  • Price gouging or rushed proposals that don’t cover all the basis
  • Being left without a snow management plan or company due to availability
  • Not being equipped with the right manpower, materials, or equipment when you need it most
  • Scheduling problems that leave your business with downtime or in a high-risk position due to hazardous conditions
  • Unqualified subcontractors to fill in the holes

The important questions that you should be asking ahead of time to secure your snow management plan are:

Is my Contract a Multi-Year Arrangement?

If you sign for a longer period or multiple years, you might receive discounted services.

Does my Contract Include Tools like De-Icers?

Some snow management plans will allow for automatic de-icing protection, and some will require client approval to use much necessary de-icing tools.

Does the Snow Management Plan Outline the Property’s Boundaries with all Service Areas and Designated destinations for Snow Overflow?

The provider you choose should know where to plow your property from end to end. They also need to understand if areas can be sectioned or closed off for the winter, if necessary.

What is the Trigger for a Snow Management Plan to Activate?

Although choosing a higher trigger can reduce costs, it can also increase your vulnerability for a slip and fall accident. Triggers, ideally, should be less than an inch, which are usually referred to as “zero tolerance.” They might, however, require more service and more frequent salt applications.

What Type of communication Plan is in Place to Keep you Informed of Immediate Forecast and Weather Patterns?

It is a good idea to find a provider who will maintain constant contact by either text, phone, or via email.

What Ingredients are Needed for a Good Snow Management Plan?

When you work with a provider to keep your sidewalks, walkways, and building clear and clean of ice, it is best to have these ingredients in your snow management plan to cover all of your bases.

  • Expectations about response time
  • Personnel and equipment resource allocations
  • Maps of the property with special requirements, priority areas, and any spaces to avoid or eliminate
  • Application of snow markers to reduce the risk of damage to curbs, landscaping, or other obstacles that will not be visible under snow
  • Contact information for after hours, or point of contact for communication around the clock
  • Knowledge of where to find materials or equipment on-site before the storm hits

Don’t be Left out in the Cold – Know Your Snow Management Plan

The key to ensuring that it is business as usual, no matter what the weather outside brings is to have a snow management plan in place well ahead of time. The better you plan for conditions, the more you will minimize your risk and ensure that things run as smoothly as possible no matter what the weather outside does. Not only is it imperative to hire the right company, but it is essential that everyone should know what their responsibilities are. And they should understand what actions will be taken before the first snowflake has even fallen. Now is the time to act, well before the cold weather rushes in so that when it does, you won’t be left out in the cold. Contact Above & Beyond today to have your snow management plan in place for this winter.

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