Want to Give an Amazing Gift for the Holidays?

Hire a Snow Plow Company!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where what they want for Christmas typically turns into what they need. Instead of buying your hubby or wife a new scarf or socks for Christmas, go all out and provide a service that you both hate to do…snow removal. This Christmas, hire a snow plowing South Bend company to do the dirty work so you can both sit back, relax, and stop braving the Indiana cold! Here are the main reasons to say Merry Christmas with a snow plow company.

People can get Hurt

According to government statistics, as many as 1300 people are killed and over a hundred thousand injured removing snow every year in the US. It’s not just about accidents with snow plows, people are sent to the hospital due to heart conditions all the time. Taking that off of your spouse for the holidays says “I care about you and your safety”. When it costs very little to hire someone, putting your spouse, or your safety, in jeopardy, simply doesn’t make any sense!

It is NOT fun

There is absolutely NOTHING fun about snow plowing. Not only is it hard work when you have to do it by hand, but the weather in Indiana can also be so very brutal. Instead of watching your significant other digging out from the snow, or doing it yourself, give them the peace of mind to know that it is going to be someone else’s problem. That way, they know they can sleep in and enjoy their coffee instead of hitting the shovel first thing in the morning.

Save Them the Stress

It is really stressful to find out that a snowstorm is coming your way when you know you have to be at work first thing in the am, snow or not. Give your spouse the luxury of knowing that things will be taken care of, stress-free, so that they can rest assured, literally, knowing that the driveway will be cleared and ready to go no matter what happens overnight!

Save Them From Slipping

What happens when you forget to get things like the stairs or the back steps? There is a huge risk of a slip and fall accident. Take care of your loved ones by making sure that things are taken care of appropriately and not forgotten. Hiring a snow plowing South Bend, Indiana professional who knows what they are doing is best. That way, you always know conditions are safe for the whole family!

Snow plowing might not seem like a great gift because it isn’t something you can put under the tree. But when the snow really starts to come down, your spouse will thank you for the very thoughtful gift of hiring someone to do what they don’t want to! Contact Above and Beyond today to discuss how we can get you signed up and ready to go as a gift for the one you love most.

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