How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Snow Removal Service?

There are times when hiring a professional to perform snow removal services is a luxury and other times when it is a must. If you are considering fitting snow removal fees into your residential or commercial budget and wondering how much it costs, the answer, unfortunately, is, “it depends”. Depending on what you want a snow removal services South Bend, Indiana company to do, the price can vary. But it is important not to go with the lowest estimate, especially if you are a company or business. If you don’t ensure that all of your bases are covered, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to slip and fall litigation. There are many factors that dictate how much you will spend.

Cost of Snow Removal

The cost for snow removal of more than six inches depends on the site and how much clearing is needed. Some contractors will charge a flat fee, while others will lower their prices when there are smaller amounts to remove. And it is not unusual for a snow removal service to ask for a deposit to ensure their costs. If it isn’t used, they will typically return it at the end of the season.

Driveway Size

The overall size of your driveway might influence how much snow removal costs. If your driveway is long or has a lot of obstacles, the snow removal contractor might charge more. Also, if you have any other hurdles like a deep slope or curvy surfaces, they might add an additional fee to cover the extra time it will take. Most contractors will treat with additional materials to control for ice when the temperatures dip below zero without charging extra.

Amount of Snowfall

It is tougher and takes more time to plow large amounts of heavy snow. There are times when you can’t simply stack snow; it needs to be hauled away. Anything that will require more time or tools will usually add to the overall cost.


The region that you live in is most likely a big determinant of how much a contractor will charge. The greater the amount of snow you have, the more it will cost. More snow means that the snow removal company will have to take additional time and more work to remove it. That equals more man-hours and overall cost to the contractor.

Added Work

If you require that pathways, stairs, porches, or patios are included, then that will likely be an added cost. Since there will need to be someone shoveling, and typically, an ice treatment to make sure that no one slips and falls, those costs all add up.

There are times when you want to hire someone for snow removal services South Bend, Indiana, and then there are others where your livelihood requires it. The cost to remove snow has many factors that can start to add up. But whatever it costs, it is less than leaving your home or your business vulnerable to a personal injury accident, plus it takes the burden off of you to keep your property clear with a snow and ice management plan. Contact Above and Beyond today to discuss how we can help you keep your driveway clear and your exterior pathways safe.

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