6 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Trees This Summer

As the summer begins to heat up, we have a lot of clients asking what are the best things that they can do to keep their trees healthy and protected. There are specific things that you should do during the summertime months, and others that you shouldn’t, to keep your trees growing and flourishing.

These are the best six tips for tree care, from tree care service experts in South Bend, IN.

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1. Mulch

Mulching is a way to help your tree’s roots maintain the proper amount of moisture they need to survive the long, hot summer months. Although best to do in the springtime, if you didn’t get to it, it isn’t too late. Mulch also helps to conserve soil, keep a tree’s temperature stable, and reduce weed energy competition. To mulch properly, spread about three to four inches around the base of the tree. But avoid piling mulch around the trunk of the tree itself, it might lead to insect or disease issues as summer progresses.

2. Irrigate

During the dry times of summer, watering your trees and shrubs might be a necessity, especially if they are young or if you planted them this season. The golden rule is that trees need about one inch of water weekly. When watering them, it is better to water less, but deeper, than to water more frequently but surface only.

3. Fertilize

For a tree to continue to grow healthily throughout the summer, fertilization is key. Growing trees need necessary nutrition not just for shoot growth, but also to fend off diseases and pests. If you have a tree that resides in a high-stress area, then it will benefit from additional nutrition via fertilizer.

4. Prune

Tree pruning is not only an important part of keeping your tree healthy and growing on the right track, but the timing of pruning is also highly critical. Pruning is better done during the months when a tree is dormant, which means that the summertime is when pruning should be done only when necessary. If you notice any signs of diseased, damaged, or dead branches, then they should be removed regardless of the time of year.

Also, for a tree that flowers in the spring or early summer, it is best to prune when the blooming season has completed. This is true of trees such as lilacs, flowering cherries, and magnolias. Larger trees that need pruning are best left to a professional tree care service South Bend company for its safety and yours.

5. Inspect for Pests

Although, as homeowners, we tend not to see the conditions of the trees that surround us, it is important to regularly check for infestations caused by pests. Most insects are not dangerous to trees, but keeping abreast of any changes will help to spot problems before they become highly problematic. Look for signs of things like Japanese beetles, bagworms, spider mites, aphids, and magnolia scale.

6. Prevent Storm Damage

Summertime is when most heavy storms and high winds roll through Indiana. To ensure that your tree and everything that surrounds it safe, check for dying limbs, and remove them before they are hazardous. If you notice that a tree needs a little extra support to make it through rough weather, consider bracing or cabling. Or, when necessary, remove the entire limbs for extra precaution.

Although, for the most part, Mother Nature does a great job caring for trees throughout the year, there are ways to add a little support to keep things growing well and healthily throughout the long, hot summer months. If you notice that you see signs of disease or things amiss with your trees, it is important to contact Above and Beyond, a South Bend tree service company, this summer. Call to schedule your free evaluation.

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