Five Signs That Signal A Tree Needs to be Removed

Trees are not only a beautiful part of your home’s exterior, they likely serve a lot of purposes like shading your home to reduce energy costs. But if not taken care of, they can do a whole lot of damage and be highly dangerous. If it has been a while since you have stopped to take stock of the health of your trees around your property, now is an excellent time to look closely and find out how they are doing. If you see signs of trouble, it is important to contact a tree removal South Bend, Indiana company. They might be able to help save your tree, or preemptively remove it, before it lands on something, or worse, someone, you love.

You Notice Signs of Disease

Although your trees will alter and change over time if you notice that there is a difference in the color of the trunk or the leaves, that could signal a sign of disease. If you don’t stop the spread of tree disease, you not only run the risk of losing the tree that is infected; it will likely spread to all the greenery on your landscape and end up costing you a fortune. Inspect your trees about every six months to make note of any changes to their appearance. If you do see changes, call a professional to have it evaluated.

Branches are Looming

If it has been a while since you have had your tree branches cut back or pruned, it is time. The way that a tree maintains its health is by having the right growth pattern. Limbs that hang too heavily, or look as if they have too much weight, need to be removed. That will allow the other parts of the tree to get the nutrients that it needs. And it will also stop the limb from falling during a storm or during high winds and causing extensive damage.

A Pest Control Problem

A disease is not a tree’s only enemy, pests can destroy the health of a tree if they take root. Look for signs of nesting or other tailings in the trunk of the tree. Or if you see bark coming loose and burrows underneath it, that is a good sign that you need to have someone come and spray to remove the pests and cut off the affected limbs. If you take preemptive steps, you can stop before the pests do too much damage and you need an entire tree removal South Bend, Indiana company to eliminate it altogether.

It is Encroaching Onto Power Lines

When trees start to encroach onto power lines and other highly dangerous things, it can lead to a fire risk. Although electrical companies are supposed to maintain their lines to reduce any foliage getting intertwined, they can’t stay on top of it all. If you see that your tree’s branches are starting to touch hanging wires on your property, make sure to call someone to have them cut back. A fire that starts with a tree can take out your entire dwelling, so be proactive to prevent the risk.

Trees are a very important part of the atmosphere and they are also a great aesthetic part of your landscaping. And although Mother Nature takes good care of them; she can’t do it all. Make sure to inspect the health of your trees to prevent damage to your home and surrounding areas. If you take good care of them, you can reduce the risk of losing them altogether.

When you notice that limbs need to be removed or your tree could use some TLC, contact Above & Beyond Tree Service today. We do all things tree-related to keep your home, your landscaping, and your family safe.

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