4 Telltale Signs That Signal you Need a Tree Service

Trees are pretty hardy, but sometimes the Indiana winters are hardier. If you haven’t had your trees examined to ensure they will make it through the rest of the winter, now is the time. When the snow and ice start to accumulate, it can weigh down limbs and lead to storm damage. To minimize the risk that you’ll lose a tree, and potentially a lot more, look for these five signs that scream you need to call a tree service South Bend company, like NOW!

Trees Touching Power Lines

Power lines that have been there before you, and your home’s landscaping, can get in the way of growing trees. It is critical that you pay close attention to make sure that your trees aren’t starting to encroach on any around your home. If a heavy storm comes along, it can lead to limbs or branches falling on the lines and causing damage, or, worse, power outages mid-winter. Call a tree service if your tree is growing too close to electrical wires.

Leaning Trunks or Branches

Although it is critical to make sure that trees with leaning trunks or branches aren’t close to the house, any tree that shows those types of signs should be looked at. During a storm, if a branch gets loose, it can fly and hit anything from a window to an air conditioning unit. And if the branch is leaning, it is probably draining energy from the overall wellness of the tree itself. Don’t ignore signs that a tree might cause problems, or it will for sure!

An Exposed Root System

Trees go dormant during the winter, which is why it is important to add heavy mulch around the roots to keep them protected from snow, ice, and freezing conditions. If you notice that a tree has an exposed root system, that can be a sign of trouble. It can also mean that the tree is not healthy and needs an arborist to evaluate and see what needs to be done. Taking preventative measures to save a tree is always less expensive than dealing with a tree that has to be removed, or causes damage to your home.

Signs of Decay are Visible

Often, the symptoms of tree disease and illness are hidden and cannot be seen. But if you notice that your tree is showing trails of fungus, losing limbs, or branches are tearing off, then it is a good idea to call a tree service in South Bend to have it treated, or to take it out. If you leave disease and illness unchecked, it can spread and cause a whole lot more trouble for your landscaping, and your pocketbook.

The winter is underway, which means that we are really only halfway in. If you didn’t have a chance to have your trees evaluated during the summer or fall to ensure their health, now is the time. It is critical to take care of your landscaping, especially when losing a tree can cause damage or be super expensive to take out. Contact Above and Beyond Tree Services today to ensure your trees will make it through the snow and ice yet to come.

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