Reducing the Risk of Storm Damage — Fall is the Time to Prepare for the Long Winter Ahead

The cold air is rushing into the area, and with it, the leaves are turning their beautiful autumn hues. Soon enough the snow will be here, and we will all be sequestered indoors. If it has been a while since you have had a tree service evaluate the health of your trees, now is an ideal time. You don’t want to take the chance that you will have to call a South Bend storm damage company instead of a preventative tree one! These are some fall tips that will help to keep your trees strong and healthy throughout the long winter months.

Mulch is Essential

Make sure to lay new mulch around the trunk of your tree before the ice and snow make their way to Indiana. Mulch helps your tree stay healthy because it seals in moisture for the roots. It will also help to protect your trees from extreme temperatures and give your tree a blanket of protection from the outdoor elements for the long months ahead.

Don’t Forget to Water Your Trees

Just because the cold weather has set in, that doesn’t mean that your trees don’t need water now as much as they do during the summer months. When temperatures are favorable, make sure to provide younger trees with enough water to grow and prosper. And it is important to water your trees during the cold weather, but not when the ground is frozen.

Cut Loose Branches

If you notice that your trees have branches that are lying low, it is a good idea to have them cut back. When the ice and snow begin to fall, that will put additional weight on the branches, and it might lead to them breaking and causing damage. Also, if you cut low lying branches, that will allow the healthier ones to get more nutrients, which is better for the tree. It is especially necessary to cut branches that hang over your roof or any power lines to prevent having to call a South Bend storm damage service mid-winter season!

Prune Only When Necessary

Try to only prune trees when you notice signs of damage or if not pruning could hurt the integrity of the tree. Pruning is most useful during the spring, but don’t ignore a tree if it needs to be cut back a little to prevent damage or to save its health.

An Ideal Time to Plant

Fall is the most ideal time to plant new trees. Cold weather works by stimulating root growth when you plant new trees. After the roots take hold, the spring and summer will provide the tree with enough water and sunshine to flourish. Make sure to plant balled and burlapped shrubs and trees, but bare roots should only be planted when things are entirely dormant.

With fall upon us, winter is right around the corner. Now is an excellent time to take stock of the health of your trees and landscaping to ensure that you don’t have to make a South Bend storm damage emergency call. But if you do, Above and Beyond Tree Services are ready and available to help. Contact us today to discuss the health of your property’s trees.

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