How Long has it Been Since You’ve Trimmed Your Trees – 5 Reasons to Act Now

With so many things going on in the world right now, the last thing on your mind might be whether you have properly trimmed the trees around your home. Although tree trimming is best done in the late winter or spring, if you haven’t had your trees trimmed, now is an excellent time. Keeping trees maintained isn’t just about aesthetics; it is about protecting the area around your home. So if it has been a while since you’ve hired a tree company South Bend service, these are five reasons to act now.

Protect Your Greatest Investment by Hiring a South Bend Tree Company

Your home is one of your greatest investments, which is why caring for your trees is so important. If you have branches that overhang your home, you run the risk of them falling and causing damage during a heavy storm. A falling branch can damage your home, power lines nearby, or even fall on the sidewalk or street. Trimming trees will help to protect your dwelling from unnecessary and costly repairs.

Disease Prevention

Sometimes a tree’s branches can become diseased and need to be cut down. Ridding your tree of a diseased limb is not only important to avoid the branch falling and hurting the surrounding area, but also to stop the spread of the disease to other limbs or potentially other plants and trees on your property. A well-maintained tree is also less likely to contract a fungal disease because there is more airflow between the branches, allowing them to stay drier.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you care for your trees, they grow more naturally and they just look better. Healthier trees enhance the curbside appeal of your home, and also the value of it. Since your home is one of your greatest investments, maintenance is the key to increasing your equity and your home’s value.

Helping Your Trees Grow

Trimming your trees helps to make the strength of their root system stronger. When the roots are stronger, they are more able to withstand heavy storm activity or harsh weather. Trimming also helps your tree to grow more balanced and keep it shapely. When you regularly trim a tree, it can help to distribute the weight of the branches and strengthen its overall structure.

Reduce Pests and the Need to Hire a Pest Control Company

Pests and insects are likely to make a home in your trees if given the opportunity. If you don’t regularly trim trees, they can become overgrown and dense, which are the conditions where pests and insects thrive. Maintaining an appropriate density will help to reduce pest and insect growth, which will reduce the need for pest control.

If it has been a while since you have had your trees trimmed, now is the time. Although we haven’t hit fall just yet, it is right around the corner, and so is the harsh winter.

Be preemptive about the health of your trees by scheduling an appointment with our tree company South Bend service today.

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